Towing Tips

  1. Please inspect the trailer and complete the checklist as per our invoice, together with one of our very competent staff members.

  2. Do Not Speed!!

  3. Do Not Overload!! (See the data plate on the trailer.)

  4. Check that the trailer coupler is secured properly on the towbar of the towing vehicle.

  5. If the trailer is fitted with brakes, please ensure that the hand-brake lever is in the off position before towing.

  6. Ensure that the safety chain is placed over the towbar.

  7. Check that all the lights of the trailer are in working condition and that the electrical socket of the trailer is properly connected to your vehicle.

  8. Check that the tyres are correctly inflated and that all nuts are present.

  9. Ensure that all latches, lids, gates and doors are properly secured.

  10. Ensure that you have a correct size wheel spanner to fit the trailer's wheel nuts, in case of need.

  11. Very Important: Load the trailer evenly over axle, with about 60% to 65% of load towards the front of the trailer.

  12. Ensure that the load of the trailer is not heavier at the back of the trailer.

  13. Do not drink and drive; Stay alive!

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